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Courses 2013


The courses are open to all doctoral  students at universities and companies! (A low fee will be charged). Look also for doctoral courses offered by the GETA units and courses organized by other doctoral programmes.



GETA ANNUAL SEMINAR to Stockholm, Viking Gabriella,  January 17-19, 2013

 GNSS-TECHNOLOGIES (5 cr) Maa-6.3289, January 14-May 17 GPS system and Galileo/GLONASS/Compass, Software GPS receiver "hands-on" implementation, other positioning sensors and technologies

 GETA Winter School: COMPRESSIVE SENSING (2-3 cr), Ruka, February 10-13, REGISTRATION by  January 12

 SMART ELECTRIC POWER GRID - An Introduction (2 cr), 11-13 March, Micronova, Espoo
Prof. Yih-Fang Huang, University of Notre Dame, Indiana,USA


Prof. Santosh Venkates, University of Pennsylvania, USA

HOW TO SELL YOUR IDEAS AS A RESEARCHER (1 cr), Meripuisto, Espoo, April  17-19, Meripuisto, Espoo.


EUROPEAN SCHOOL OF ANTENNAS doctoral course: Antenna measurements at mm-and  submm-wavelenghts, Department of Radio Science and Engineering, Aalto University, May 13-17, 2013


APPLIED DISCRETE MATHEMATICS FOR ENGINEERING APPLICATIONS (2 cr),  Aalto University, June 10-13 Prof. Vassil Dimitrov, University of Calgary, Canada

Tampere, August 5-9

GETA / TISE SUMMER SCHOOL: MODERN RADIO-BASED LOCALIZATION (2-3 cr), Prof. Jose A. Lopez Salcedo, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain, Prof. Jari Nurmi & Prof. Simona Lohan, Tampere University of Technology, Conference Hotel Meripuisto, Espoonlahti, August 27-30

Introduction_to_doctoral_studies (2 cr), ELEC-0.9902, October 8 - November 12 (Tuesday afternoons). Co-operation with Aalto ELEC, information at web Oodi

Ph.D. -   an Entrepreneur (2 cr)? Aalto University School of Business,  Small Business Center, November 18-22

Courses 2012

For entrepreneurship courses please see EIT-ITC Lab (also below)

1. GETA SEMINAR 2012, January 11 - 13, TallinkSilja Serenade

2. Winter School, Advances in Wireless Communications: Short course on wireless localization (2-3 cr)
Ruka, Kuusamo 13 - 15 February

3. How to sell your ideas as a researcher (2 cr), 21 - 23 March, Conference centre Meripuisto, Espoo
Course includes conference presentation sklls.

4. 3rd International UBI Summer School 2012 in Oulu, Finland, on May 28 - June 2, 2012. Application deadline February 28.

5. Summer School in Flexible Solar Cells, May 29 - June 1.

6. WiFiUS Summer School, University of Oulu, June25 - 27

7. 3D Media and User Experience Summer School, Varala, Tampere August 13 - 17.  

8. Orientation event to new doctoral candidates of Aalto ELEC, Net Café, October 2 (cancelled)

9. Introduction to doctoral studies P (2 cr), Aalto University, Riihi,  October 3 until November 14, Scientific writing + other skills for doctoral students. Various lecturers. Registration via Oodi  ELEC-0.9902.

10. Entrepreneurship & Business skills (3-4 cr), November 1-2 & November 13-15. Organinzed by Aalto Small Business Centre (EIT-ICT Labs course).

11. Opportunity Recognition (6 cr) Whether setting up your own start-up or just interested in improving your business skills this Innovation & Entrepreneurship course is for You!
(EIT-ICT Labs course)

12. Entrepreunial Boot Camp (1 cr) December 3-4. (How to sell your ideas as a researcher - GETA course) organized by EIT-ICT Labs.

Courses 2011

1. GETA SEMINAR, Viking Mariella, January 19 - 21, 2011 (for GETA students)

2. GNSS -Technologies (3 cr), Aalto University, January 17 - Februrary 28 (on Mondays).

3.GETA Winter School: Inside LTE-Advanced (2-3 cr) Ruka, Kuusamo, February 14 - 16.

4. How to sell your ideas as a researcher (2 cr) Meripuisto Espoo, March 2 - 4, 2011

5. INFORTE Performance Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems, May 2 - 3, Tampere. Prof. Mohammad Obaidat, Monmouth University, USA.

6. Applied Discrete Mathematics for Engineering Applications (3 cr), Dr. Vassil Dimitrov, University of Calgary, Canada, May 10 - 13, Aalto University ELEC, room L311 (dates changed!)

7. Infotech Oulu Workshop 2011 on Optoelectronics Devices and Instrumentation XI “Novel technologies in photonics”, Oulu, May 9 - 11.

8.Time and Frequency Domain Solutions for Electromagnetic Problems (3 cr), Lecturers: Professor Tapan K. Sarkar (Syracuse University, USA) and Professor Magdalena Salazar Palma (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain). Course information (pdf.)

9. CMOS Nyquist AD converters, University of Oulu  May 10 - 12 . Professor Andrea Bashirotto, University of Milano-Bicocca.

10. 2nd International UBI Summer School 2011, Oulu, May 23 - 28 (application deadline March 15).

11. Wireless Information Theory Summer School, July 27 - 29, University of Oulu. In conjunction with International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT 2011). Contact person: Professor Markku Juntti

12. International Summer School on Optoelectronics, TUT, August 8 -12

13. Convex Optimization (2 - 3 cr) Aalto University, August 22 - 24. Professor Marcello de Campos, Universidad Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Contact person: Dos. Stefan Werner, Dep. of Signal Processing and Acoustics.

14.Toolbox for Doctoral Studies (2 cr),  various lectures (including English scientific writing). Aalto University, September 8 - 9 & 12 (until noon).

15. Conference Presentation & Poster day(seminar) GETA//PaPSaT/RYM-TO/EST graduate programmes  have priority. REGISTER by September 12!  Registration to others possible September 12 - 15. Choose September 21 or 28 (same contents).

16. SoC 2011, Tutorial course on System-Level Modeling, Tutorial: October 31, Contact person: professor Jari Nurmi, TUT

17. PhD - an Entrepreneur? (3 - 4 cr) Entrepreneurship/ business skills. various experts, Oct 10 - 11 & Oct 31 and Nov 1 - 2. Aalto University School of Economics / Small Business Centre.


Courses / events 2010

1. GETA Annual Boat Seminar, Viking Line, January 13 - 15

2. GETA Winter School: Fundamentals of Sensor Array Signal Pocessing (2-3 cr), Ruka, Kuusamo, February 8 - 10. (note changed dates!) Prof. Björn Ottersten, KTH & Prof. Mats Viberg, Chalmers.

3. Long Term Evolution and HSPA evolution 12.-13.2.2010, Tampere, Hotel Victoria. Speakers: Harri Holma, Nokia Siemens Networks and Antti Toskala, Nokia Siemens Networks. (INFORTE).

4. Cloud Computing and Service Engineering, March 29 - 30, Hotel Arthur, Helsinki. (INFORTE).

5. How to Sell Your Ideas & Be More Assertive Training seminar (1 cr), Varala Urheiluopisto (in Tampere), April 21 - 23, Andy & Steve Langdon, Langdons Ltd (GETA & TISE).

6. Research Methodology (1-2 cr), Aalto University, TUAS TU1 & TU5, May 6-7. Various topics and lecturers.

7 . PaPSaT docotral course: An Introduction to the History and the Philosophy of Science and to the Scientific Methodology (5 cr), Aalto University May 10 - 12.

8. Analog Filtering Techniques Realized in CMOS Technologies, UO, May 18-21, Prof. Andrea Baschirotto from University of Milano-Bicocca, Italia

9. Discrete Mathematical Methods for High Performance Digital Signal Processing and Information Security Applications (3 cr) Aalto University, May 25 - 28.

10. Infotech Oulu Optoelectronics workshop 2010: “Optical imaging and measurements in life sciences”, June 6-8, VTT Oulu,in connection of LALS-2010 conference.

11. Advanced Internet Services, UO, June 7- 11, Prof. Henning Schulzrinne, University of Columbia, USA

12.1 st UBI Summer School, Oulu May 31 - June 4Deadline for papers April 19.

13. Workshop on Tactical Communication Systems 22.-24.6.2010, Kauhava, Finland.

14.Analytical Methods in Complex Systems (5 cr), Aalto University August 23 - 24 & August 30 - September 1. Prof. Chancellor Jarl-Thure Eriksson, Åbo Akademi University.

15. Vehicular Networks, September 7.-8. Oulu, Dr. Rajeev Shorey, NIIT University, New Delhi, India; Lab Group Manager at GM R&D, Bengaluru, India INFORTE course

16. Methods for Error Analysis and Precision Engineering (2 cr)
September 7 - 8, Aalto University organized by PaPSaT Graduate School (free of charge, open to all post doc students).

17.Analysis And Design of Wireless Networks:
A Stochastic Geometry Approach
, Oulu 23.-24.9.2010, Prof. Martin Haenggi, University of Notre Dame, INFORTE course

18. Dependable Hardware and Software for Embedded Multicore Computing PlatformOrganized by CRISP FP7 project in cooperation with GETA graduate school.
Room Sonaatti, Tampere Hall, Sept 28, from 9:00 to 17:00

19.Selected Topics of Mobile Communication (3 cr) Aalto University School of Technology, October 20 – 22. Course discusses about fading channel, diversity, beamforming, MIMO, and foudamental limits of CDMA. Professor Jiao Bingli, University of Beijing, China. (Organizer dos. Timo O. Korhonen)

20. TechnoDoc Booster (2 cr), Aalto University, Helsinki School of Economics, November 10. – 11. & 15. – 16.11. 2010. GETA & PaPSaT course. (management, presentation skills, marketing etc.). Various trainers & specialists.

21.Compressive Sensing and Low-Rank Recovery: Exploiting Signal Sparsity (2 cr) Uunisaari, Helsinki, November 18– 19, Fulbright-Nokia distinguished professor Gonzalo Arce, University of Delaware, USA. (Organizer prof. Visa Koivunen).

22. CMOS Opamp Design,University of Oulu, December 1 – 3, Professor Andrea Baschirotto, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italia (organizer prof. Juha Kostamovaara). Registrations to ilkka.nissinen ( at ), start at 9:00, room TS133 UO, Tietotekniikan talo.

23. Experimental Characterization of Electromagnetic Metamaterials, 17th European Doctoral School on Metamaterials, December 13-17, 2010, Heraklion, Crete


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