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Applied Discrete Mathematics for Engineering Applications (3 cr)

May 10 - 13, Aalto University, School of Electrical Engineering, hall L311

Registration by May 5 via eAGE

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Professor Vassil Dimitrov
, University of Calgary, Alberta, CANADA,Visiting professor at University of Tarto, Estonia

Professor in charge
Professor Risto Wichman
, Dep. of Signal Processing and Acoustics, Aalto University


The whole point of this course is to provide some essential mathematical background (in a very informal manner) aimed at solving very challenging computational problems in the fields of DSP and cryptography. It is commonly acknowledged that there is a serious lack of understanding of complexity theory and its applications by most graduate students working in the above-mentioned areas of science. One of the main goals of this course would be the attempt to bridge this gap.

The theoretical background (mainly from probability theory, number theory and combinatorics) will be presented in a suitable, easy-to-understand format, with very large number of concrete examples.


Tuesday:  Theoretical background. Basic facts about algorithm analysis. Seminumerical algorithms. Examples.

Wednesday: Fundamental computer arithmetic algorithms. Applications in DSP and cryptography.

Thursday:  Digital filtering from the multiplicative complexity theory view point. FFT algorithms. Lower complexity bounds. Image compression algorithms.

Friday:   Optimization problems, Matrix algorithms, Applications in computational geometry and computer graphics. Exam.

Way of passing the course:

Lectures, exercises and  exam (on Friday)  3 credit points.

Daily schedule:

Tuesday start at 10:00. Exam on Friday.

9 - 12 Lectures (coffee break 10:00-10:15)
12-13 Lunch (own cost)
13-16 Lectures (coffee break 14:30-14:45)


Course is free of charge for GETA students & other post graduate students from universities. Coffee and lecture material is free of charge. For industry participants the fee is 100 EUR including coffees and lunches.