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Fast and Precise Operational Amplifiers (3-5 cr)

 Fast and Precise Operational Amplifiers

for MSc/PhD Students (3-5 cu), Industrial IC Designers and Researchers

18th- 21st  March 2013at TUT and over a Video-Link


Prof. Igor Filanovsky, University  of Alberta, Canada, in Collaboration with TUT and the Graduate Schools TISE and GETA, will discuss in 20 lecture hours the most essential and advanced nano-CMOS OpAmp architectures for accuracy, power/speed ratio and stable rail-to-rail operation. Essentially the related structures of voltage references, PTAT/CTT circuits, LDO, voltage sub-regulators and IC protection will be covered to secure successful industrial applications.

                       Course Assessment:  Course Attendees are expected to attend the Lectures and solve the given homework problems. Then they will receive 3 Credit Units (CU);  and a grade 'Pass'. If they take and succeed on the Exam on 8th April, 2013 (Monday) with a grade equal or higher than 2 (in scale 1÷5), they will receive additional 2 CU.

                       Course Fee:  Free for TUT, TISE and GETA students, 60 Euro per student of any other University, and 360 Euro per Industrial Designer/Researcher. Without taking the Exam only 3 cu; also course fee is reduced to 2/3 of the above. The payments are not refundable, do not include food nor beverages, and should be send to TUT Foundation account at Danske Bank Oyj (Hiililaiturinkuja 2, 00075 Danske Bank), IBAN: FI3589199710001102, BIC (SWIFT): DABAFIHH, with Reference: OpAmp-13.

                      Registration: E-mail to nikolay.tchamov [at] tut [dot] fi" href="">; jani.jarvenhaara [at] tut [dot] fi" href=""> as soon as possible in order to receive the additional information you may need.

 Important Details:

                      The Lectures will be in TietoTalo, Room TC-173, 9:00-16:00                                                                             (

                      The Hotel near TUTis 'Hermica' Insinöörinkatu 78, 33720 Tampere


                      The Video-Link is through Adobe® ConnectTM. Test your Computer by                          

                      The Exam is on 8th April 2013 in TUT at 13:00 in Room TC-173.



For updates on the course,  please follow the link of our Host Laboratory                                                                                                                 (Updated on 5th-March-2013)

 Prof. Nikolay T. Tchamov 
 Tampere Univ. Technology (TUT)
 Dpt. Electronics & Communications (DEC) B
 RF Integrated Circuits Laboratory (RFIC Lab)
 Korkeakoulunkatu-1, Room TH-108
 FIN-33720 TAMPERE    Phone: + 358-40-582-5915
 FINLAND               E-mail: nikolay.tchamov [at] tut [dot] fi