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GETA Final Seminar, October 30, 2013, Kalastajatorppa

The eighteen year GETA history will be ended at the end of 2013. Its best practicies will be transformed to the university level.  Local  Aalto ELEC Doctoral School had its first application at this spring.

GETA organized a whole day seminar to its doctoral students, alumni, supervisors and personnel at Kalastajatorppa, Helsinki, October 30, 2013. About 70 persons participated.

GETA article at Aalto Inside
Artikkeli GETAsta Aalto Insidessä


Print the programme (pdf.)

Seminar Presentations:

Electronics  Jari Nurmi, Prof., GETA Board member, TTY
Telecommunications, Markku Juntti, Prof., GETA Alumni,  Univeristy of Oulu
Automation, Heikki Koivo, Prof., GETA Board member, Aalto Univeristy
Jussi Ryynänen_Prof., GETA Alumni, Aalto University
Annamaria Mesaros , GETA Alumni, Tampere University of Technology


(incl VAT 24 %)

GETA students, GETA member in 2013  (incl. accommodation in 2 pers room) 37, 20 EUR
(trips according to certain rules covered by GETA, more detailed inormation by email).

GETA alumni and supervisors:

whole day 10:30-about 22:00 (incl. coffee, lunch & dinner)  111,60 EUR
day seminar 10:30-13:30 (incl. coffee & lunch) 49,60 EUR
afternoon seminar 14:00-about 22:00)  (incl. coffee & dinner) 86,80 EUR


Please register  via this eAGE link (payment). Deadline is October 16.


Hotel Kalastajatorppa prices 141/176 eur, "GETA"
Hotel Radisson Otaranta "GETA" price 121 eur / 1 pers. room
Hotel Helka, Helsinki, Kamppi "GETA" 120 eur 1 pers. room (until October 4)

GETA Students trips to Helsinki are covered by GETA as follows (maximum):

Oulu 150 EUR (Norwegian return flight about 100 eur)
Jyväskylä  80 EUR
Tampere 70 EUR
Turku 60 EUR

You are kindly requested to  buy the tickets and send us the original receipts and GETA form (attached) after the trip seminar.