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GETA / TISE Summer School 2013

Modern Radio-Based Localization (2-3 cr),
Meripuisto, Espoo, August 27-30

Graduate Schools GETA and TISE (Doctoral Programme in Information Science and Engineering) at TUT organize a joint Summer School 2013.



Prof. Henk Wymeersch from Chalmers University, Sweden;  Prof. Jose A. Lopez Salcedo from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain; Prof. Jari Nurmi and Adj. Prof. Elena Simona Lohan from Tampere University of Technology and Prof. Heidi Kuusniemi, Head of Department of Navigation at Finnish Geodetic Institute (FGI)


Conference hotel Meripuisto, Kivenlahti, Espoo. By the sea about 16 km west from Helsinki (frequent bus connection to Helsinki, Otaniemi and Tapiola).

Lecture material

The lecture materials will be available at the following links as soon as the lecturers provide them. Some links are not yet active, but they will soon be.

Each zip file contains a long version (1 slide per page) and a short version, better for printing (4 slides per page); it is enough to use only one of them. The zip folders are password protected and the password will be provided at the summer course.

Prof. Henk Wymeersch's lectures:

Prof. Jose Lopez Salcedo and Gonzalo Seco Granados's lectures:

Adj. Prof. Simona Lohan's lectures:

Prof  Jari Nurmi's lecture:

Prof. Heidi Kuusniemi's lecture:


Print the schedule (pdf.)

Daily programme:

DAY 1, TUESDAY 9:30 - 16:00, Visit to Finnish Geodetic Institute 16:00-18:00 (pizza)
DAY 2, WEDNESDAY 8:30 - 16:00, GetToGether, Finnish Dinner  16:30 -
DAY 3 THURSDAY 8:30 - 16:00, Sauna available 18:00 - 20:00
DAY 4 FRIDAY 8:30 - 16:00 (Exam starts at 14:45)


Registration with payment is possible via this eAGE link. by August 19


GNSS navigation, WLAN and cellular navigation, cooperative localization, cognitive approaches in positioning, demos.

Visit and GetToGether

Visit at the Finnish Geodetic Institute will be organized on Tuesday, August 27 during 16-18 (transport is  included and some food to be served at the venue). Please inform if you are not joining!

GetToGether event at Meripuisto on  Wednesday August 28, Grill party will be outside if the  weather allows.
Sauna is available at Meripuisto on Thursday 18-20.


2 -3 credits (2 cr with attendance+exam, 3cr with attendance+exam+Matlab project)

Target audience

PhD students, post-doc and industry professionals with interest in wireless localization.

Brief overview and objectives

Wireless localization and navigation are becoming more and more important in today’s life. They do not only have important social applications (in areas such as intelligent urban transportation in smart cities, ICT-enhanced elderly care, emergency management, etc), but they are also becoming crucial building blocks of mobile wireless devices nowadays (e.g., geo-tagging in digital cameras, indoor and urban localization via mobile phones, GPS-enabled sport watches, etc). The term ‘cognitive’ in the context of positioning can take many meanings and has only recently started to be investigated more thoroughly. Cognitive communication approaches refer to any (adaptive) changes in the transmission parameters, such as power/frequency/modulation, so as to dynamically reuse unoccupied spectrum. Cognitive positioning refers to the process of becoming aware of the users’ needs or environment’s characteristics and of incorporating this knowledge into the positioning engine, with the aim to improve the positioning performance and user experience. This course aims at giving an overview of the state-of-art in the wireless localization as well as focusing on emerging signal processing technologies that will enable the cognitive location of tomorrow.


GETA / TISE student 50 EUR (incl. possible accommodation in a shared room).
Doctoral student 220 EUR
Industry participant 350 EUR

 Price includes coffee, lunch daily+Transport to Finnish Geodetic Institute (Aug 27),  GetToGether event (Aug 28) and Sauna (Aug 29).


GETA/TISE students reserve their room via registration form, you do not have to contact the hotel.

For others accommodation is possible at the course venue. Prices 1 pers. room 122 EUR, 2 pers room 128 EUR. Say GETA/TISE by August 6 upon reservation (09 819 251 or meripuisto [at] meripuisto [dot] fi) and you will get the price mentioned above. 

Other Hotels close by: Sokos Garden Tapiola, RadissonBlue Otaranta, Hanasaari.


Prof. Simona Lohan elena-simona.lohan ( at )
Coordinator, GETA. Marja Leppäharju marja.leppaharju ( at )
Coordinator, TISE Antti Niemistö antti.niemisto ( at )