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How to sell your ideas as a researcher (2 cr)

GETA / FIGS / Hecse training seminar
Meripuisto, Espoonlahti March 21 - 23, 2012

Course leaders: Steven & Andrew Langdon, Langdons Ltd.

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Registraton  by eAge- registration system


Needsanalysis to be sent to helpme (at)  after your registration. Thank you!

How to earn the credits (2 cr)

  1. Answer and send the pre-questionnaire to the instructors
  2. Be present during all couse hours. Active participation at the group works. Thursday evening team work (17-18).
  3. Send the assignment after the course to the instructors. You´ll get feedback. Assignments: choose 1. or 2. 1. Send your current CV for comments  2. Send your presentation material (presentation, slides or abstract) for comments.

How will this training help me at work?

You need to communicate both internally within the University and also with other university colleagues both inside and outside Europe. Part of your job may also involve you building both partnership and interest with the business community. You may already be confident with English and you are looking for some advanced ideas or you are also looking for new tools to make it easier for you when you need to communicate in English. Some of the challenges you face include how to

  • get interest in your ideas and be more convincing
  • sell your ideas to colleagues in and outside your university in a recession
  • do well and sell yourself in job interviews
  • presenting your ideas and posters at conferences
  • motivate your team for the project
  • be more assertive in tough times

After this training you know how to:

  • give more interest in your ideas
  • build trust quickly with new contacts inside and outside your university
  • get support for your ideas
  • be a more persuasive and interesting speaker
  • open up discussion in the right areas
  • sell your projects to funding committees
  • get listened to in European meetings
  • extend personal networks
  • find out hidden needs
  • sell your ideas in a recession
  • build motivation to make things happen internally
  • avoid compromise and get win win in meetings
  • deal with negative attitudes / questions


Wednesday start at 10:00, GetToGether dinner at 17-19 in Meripuisto.
Thursday special program until 18.

9 - 12 Training seminar (coffee break 10:00-10:15)
12-13 Lunch (included)
13-17 Training seminar (coffee break 14:30-14:50)
The training seminar ends on Friday  15:00

Accomodation to those coming outside the capital area: In Meripuisto. If you're not a GETA / FIGS / Hecse  student, please book by yourself. Ask for GETA rooms: 1 pers 112 € , 2 pers 118 €.  Telephone 09 819251 or  meripuisto ( at) Do this rather before March 7.
There are busses from Meripuisto, Espoonlahti  to Helsinki. Driving time is  about 30 minutes.

Registration and Payment

Free of charge to GETA / FIGS / Hecse  participants. Other doctoral students 180 EUR (incl. lunches, coffees and networking event dinner).

Information: Marja Leppaharju & Katri Sarkio (, Registration please see above.