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Introduction to doctoral studies P (2 cr)


How to successfully complete your doctoral studies! Learn the basic practical, technical, and theoretical skills that are necessary in scientific research. The course includes scientific writing.

Print prelimnary Programme (pdf.) Brochure (pdf.)

October 3 - November 14, 2012, Wednesdays  12-15
Seminar room Riihi, Otakaari 5, Espoo

Learning outcomes

After the course doctoral candidates will identify the basic concepts and methods in scientific research. They understand the ethical issues involved in research, as well as they comprehend the basic structure and procedures concerning scientific writing and publishing.


The course consists of seven seminar where student´s active participation is required. The seminars will include short lectures, talks given by lecturers and grup activities. Participants will  produce own  scientific text which will be given feedback by the lecturers from the Aalto  language centre.


Scientific writing,  ethcs in research, intellectual property in research, how to search infromation and conduct literature reviews, dissertation procedures and career planning.


Various lecturers from Aalto ELEC, Aalto Language Centre and University of Helsinki.

Information and Registration

Registration in Oodi by September 26, 2012. GETA students coming from other universities, please send a registration mail to GETA coordinator.

 Note!  Number of course participants is limited to 25 persons.