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GETA Winter School: Short course on Wireless Localization (2-3 cr)

2012 GETA Winterschool will provide a short course wireless localization. The main focus is in indoor localization.



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Jussi Salmi  Simona Lohan1.

Simona Lohan2  Traian Abrudan

Please return by email to the resp. lecturer by APRIL 1.

Monday morning sessions:
 Prof. Simona Lohan, TUT, GNSS systems: present and future

Monday evening sessions:
Dr .Jussi Salmi  Aalto University, Radio wave propagation in wireless localization, UWB based localization

Tuesday morning sessions:
Dr. Simona Lohan, TUT, GNSS systems: present and future, continued

Dr. Traian Abrudan, (updated!), Universidade do Porto,  Multidimensional Scaling in wireless localization Bayesian filters for tracking

Tuesday evening sessions:
Dr. Jouni Rantakokko (cooperative navigation) FOI / KTH
Mil-GPS and Galileo PRS

Dr.Traian Abrudan (updated!) Bayesian filters continued

Wednesday sessions:
John Nilsson KTH, Sensor fusion and the magic t – timing, time synchronization, and temporal ordering of sensor data

Isaac Skog, KTH, Signal processing for foot mounted navigation

Dr. Fabio Belloni, NRC Bringing Positioning Indoors

Academy prof. Visa Koivunen, On performance bounds in wireless localization


- Dr. Simona Lohan, Tampere UT
- Jouni Rantakokko, Deputy Research Director, FOI, Sweden
-John-Olof Nilsson, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, Sweden
-Isaac Skog, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, Sweden
- Dr. Jussi Salmi, Aalto University, Finland
- Academy professor Visa Koivunen, Aalto University
- Dr. Traian Abrudan, Instituto de Telecomunicacões, Porto, Portugal
- Dr. Fabio Belloni, Nokia Research Center

Topics / Programme

Jussi Salmi
"Propagation modeling"

Simona Lohan
"Global Navigation Satellite Systems: present and future"

The detailed content will be:
- overview of satellite navigation systems
- signals and frequencies in GNSS
- signal processing (acquisition/tracking) + channel impairements (multipaths/ionospheric delays) and how to deal with them

Jouni Rantakokko
-Overview on user needs and technologies for high-accuracy first responder positioning systems
-Cooperative navigation - an overview
- Cooperative navigation for increasing accuracy during long-term operations in GNSS-challenged environments - an example using foot-mounted INS and UWB-transceivers
-Military GPS - overview of the current status and the future

Isaac Skog, KTH
Signal processing for foot mounted navigation and localization sensors as well as a short tutorial on the
"Foot-mounted inertial navigation - a valuable positioning technology for pedestrian indoor navigation."

John-Olof Nilsson, KTH
"Sensor fusion and the magic t – timing, time synchronization, and temporal ordering of sensor data"

Traian Abrudan

Concerning lectures, there will be two separate topics from my side (3h duration):
1. Multi-Dimensional Scaling for localization
2. Bayes filters for location estimation and tracking

Fabio Belloni
"Bringing Positioning Indoors"

Visa Koivunen
"On performance bounds in wireless localization"

Daily Schedule

08.30-10.30 lecture, (coffee 10.30-10.45)
10.45-12.30 lecture
12.30-16.30 lunch/ski break
16.30-19.30 lecture, (coffee 17.45-18.00)
20.00 dinner

Course ends on Wednesday afternoon.
Dinners: Monday: Fondue evening (at the Village).
Tuesday: Royal Ruka Lapland Buffét (walk about 15 min.)

How to get there?

Note you have to be in Ruka at the latest on Sunday evening (February 12).  The course ends on afternoon  on Wednesday. The flights are operated by Finnair. Price is about 130 EUR (in January).


New RukaVillage apartments in Ruka centre close by the slopes. Course is held at the same building. Three persons / apartment. Available Sunday -Thursday. Breakfast is included. Saturday arrival possible too 50 EUR extra charge (only possible by early registration).

Prices (note flight is not icnluded nor organized)

GETA Students 150 eur
Post graduate Students 500 eur (550 EUR Saturday-Wednesday)
Industry participants 650 eur (one person apartment /hotel room)

FLIGHT: For instance Sunday about 130 EUR, AY399 11:55, Return Wednesday AY 398 17:45
The price is about 190 EUR on Saturday. There is a flight bus connetction to Ruka upon arrival. The trip takes about 30 min.

NOTE: You can stay Sunday-Thursday for the same price as untill Wednesday! Pleaese info on the registrations form in that case.


More information:

Prof. Visa Koivunen, visa.koivunen (at)
Coord. Marja Leppäharju, marja.leppaharju(at)