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GETA time
Supervisor/Laboratory Name of the thesis Date
282. Sintonen Sakari, M.Sc., Aalto ELEC, 30 yrs., 1.10.2011-30.9.2013 Harri Lipsanen
Department of Micro and Nanosciences
Synchrotron radiation x-ray topography of crystallographic defects in GaN 12.12.2014
281. Östman Kim, Lic. Sc.(Tech), Aalto ELEC, 36 yrs., 1.7.-30.6.2013 Jussi Ryynänen
Department of Micro and Nanosciences
Integrated Circuits for Linear and Efficient Receivers 5.12.2014
280. Stefano D´Angelo, M.Sc., Aalto ELEC, 27 yrs., 1.6.2012-30.6.2014 Vesa Välimäki
Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics
Virtual Analog Modeling of Nonlinear Musical Circuits 21.11.2014
279. Marko Jurmu, M.Sc., UO, 33 yrs., 15.6.2007-15.6.2011 Jukka Riekki
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Towards engaging multipurpose public displays: design space and case studies 17.11.2014
278. Pavlo Molchanov, M.Sc., TUT, 27 yrs.,
Karen Egiazarian
Department of Signal Processing
Radar Target  Classification by Micro-Doppler Contributions 20.10.2014
277. Satu Tamminen, M.Sc., UO, 42 yrs. 1.1.1998-28.2.2003 Juha Röning
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Modelling the rejection probability of a quality test consisting of multiple measurements 12.9.2014
276. Lauri Tuovinen, M.Sc., UO, 35 yrs., 1.6.2006-31.5.2010 Juha Röning
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
From machine learning to learning with machines: Remodeling the knowledge discovery process 29.8.2014
275. Regina Gumenyuk, TUT, M.Sc., 28 yrs., 1.6.2009-31.5.2013 Oleg Okhotnikov
Oprtoelectronics Research Institute
Generation and Interactions of Solitons in Fiber Lasers 11.7.2014
274. Taneli Riihonen, Aalto ELEC, M.Sc., 32 yrs., 1.5.2006-30.4.2010 Risto Wichman
Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics
Design and Analysis of Duplexing Modes and Forwarding Protocols for OFDM(A) Relay Links 4.7.2014
273. Henna Suomi (née  Warma), Aalto ELEC, M.Sc.,30 yrs., 1.6.2012-31.12.2013 Heikki Hämmäinen
Department of Communications and Networking
Techno-economic feasibility analysis of multipath protocols in the Internet 17.6.2014
272. Morits Dmitry, Aalto ELEC, M.Sc., 28 yrs. 1.6.2010-31.5.2014 Constantin Simovski
Department of Radio Sciences and Engineering
Metamaterials for optical and THz ranges: design and characterization 3.6.2014
271. Peräntie Jani, UO M.Sc., 31 yrs.,1.6.2007-31.5.2011 Heli Jantunen
Department of Electrical Engineering
Electric-field-induced dielectric and caloric effects in relaxor ferroelectrics 13.5.2014
270. Kaltiokallio Mikko, Aalto ELEC, M.Sc., 32 yrs., 1.6.2009-30.5.2011 Jussi Ryynänen, Department of Micro and Nanosciences Integrated Radio frequency Circuits for Wideband Receivers 9.5.2014
 269. Omer Anjum, TUT, M.Sc., 33 yrs., 1.6.2009 - 31.5.2013 Jari Nurmi, Department of Computer Systems Software-Dened Radio: Challenges and Opportunities in Baseband Processing Architectures 7.3.2014
 268. Mikko-Ville Laitinen, Aalto ELEC, M.Sc., 30 yrs., 1.11.2011-31.10.2013 Ville Pulkki, Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics Techniques for Versatile Spatial-Audio Reproduction in Time-Frequency Domain 28.2.2014
267. Pekka Miettinen, Aalto ELEC, M.Sc., 31 yrs., 1.6.2009 - 31.12.2013 Martti Valtonen, Department of Radio Science and Engineering Partitioning and macromodeling-based realizable reduction of interconnect circuit models  21.2.2014