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RSS is used to publish frequently updated content such as news headlines. An RSS document, which is usually called a "feed", contains either a summary of content from a web site or the full text. RSS makes it possible for people to keep up with TKK news without having to surf to the TKK site.

Reading RSS feeds

RSS content can be read using modern web browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 7 etc.), e-mail software (Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook 2007 etc.) or they can be shown directly on your destkop (in Windows Vista Sidebar).

Subscribing to RSS feeds

Modern web browsers detect automatically RSS feeds that are linked to web pages and show RSS icon. You can subscribe to a feed by clicking this icon.

rss_feed.gif RSS icon

RSS feeds of TKK pages

News and events of are published as RSS feeds by category. Links to these feeds can be found below news and event listings.

If news are not available in English, a Finnish version is included in the feeds.

Popular feeds