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Travel grants

GETA travel grants can be applied for

  1. Conference trip (after the acceptance)  one/year
  2. Research visit (3-12 months) once a year
  3. Course (in Finland or abroad) once a year

In oder to get travel grant, please fill in the travel grant application form 2013 (also in Forms). Instructions found below in the form.

How much can I get (in euros)?

1. Maximum amount is 1500 € (no daily allowances).

2. Visit 1 - 3 months long 2000, longer visit 4000 EUR. For flights and accommodation costs.(Frrom August 1, 2012 new amounts, earlier acceptances are a bit less).

3. Depends on the course costs.

How to apply?

1. Fill in the travel grant application form (from forms page). Remember your supervisor acceptance also.

2. Enclosures: the acceptance e-mail & print the cover sheet of the conference.

3. Send by regural mail to the address given below of the form. You´ll get the acceptance within few days. One for you and the other one to be given to the travel secretary.

If the trip is cancelled for some reason, please inform GETA! Note, due to this reason conference flight to be paid by the university first (assuracne issues!).

How to get the expenses reimbursed?

CONFERENCE TRIP: use your university´s travel system (university charges GETA).
RESEARCH VISIT and COURSE: save all the receipts and ask GETA coordinator for further information.


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